Win voucher for Tamron lens

1st prize in the 12 and 24 Hour PhotoMarathon

The winner of the 12 Hour FotoMarathon can look forward to a voucher for the purchase of a Tamron lens for DKK 5,000.
The winner of the 24 Hour FotoMarathon will be rewarded with a voucher for the purchase of a Tamron lens for DKK 7,000.

Both prizes are Sponsored by Focus Nordic.

Tamron makes amazing lenses

If you do not already know Tamron, then it is a Japanese premium brand that produces world-class camera lenses. Tamron has received several acclaimed awards such as EISA Lens of the Year and TIPA Best Lens in Europe and is the preferred lens brand for many professional photographers and photo enthusiasts around the world.

Read more about the lenses here

Here is the TAMRON SP 15-30mm f / 2.8 Di VC USD G2
A professional wide-angle zoom lens with high brightness, image stabilization and quiet autofocus. Like other lenses in the Tamron G2 series, the Tamron SP 15-30mm f / 2.8 Di VC USD G2 is equipped with two microprocessors that provide noticeably faster autofocus and even better performance with Tamron’s built-in VC image stabilization (Vibration Reduction).
The improved VC image stabilization allows you to use shutter speeds that are 4.5 stops longer than you normally need to avoid camera shake. Combined with the high brightness of f / 2.8 at all focal lengths, this means that the photographer can take razor-sharp pictures in low light conditions without having to use a tripod!

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