Terms and conditions


FotoMarathon is organised by the Association FotoMarathon, Raunstruplvej 5, 2720 Vanløse. Fotomarathon has organised photo competitions, photo exhibitions and the like since 1989.

Acceptance upon registration

When you register for FotoMarathon, you must accept “terms and conditions for participation in FotoMarathon” and “competition rules for FotoMarathon”.

Personal data. What we register, why and for how long.

  1. When you register for the Photomarathon, you also accept that we will save the information about you, that you have submitted yourself when registering. The information will be used to identify you during the competition and to contact you if you have won a prize.
  2. Once the winners have been found, all information other than your name and participant number will be deleted.
  3. These two data are used for our photo gallery. If you want to delete your personal data, you must contact the Photomarathon by email or via the website on this link https://www.fotomarathon.dk/om-fotomarathon/kontakt/. Please note that your photos will not be deleted from the photo archive, and we will not be able to credit you as a photographer if you want your name to be deleted.

Deletion of images

Your photos are part of the FotoMarathon image archive and will generally never be erased. Even if you ask to have your name deleted. At registration for the FotoMarathon, you have given FotoMarathon rights to use the images you are participating in the competition with.

Copyright to participants ‘ images

The participant has the Copyright on the images included in the competition, with the following exceptions.

  • The FotoMarathon Association is entitled to display all participants ‘ images at physical exhibitions in Denmark and abroad free of charge. The name of the photographer will as far as possible always appear.
  • The FotoMarathon Association is entitled to publish all participants ‘ photos on FotoMarathon’s websites, social media, event pages as well as electronic and printed media, etc., in connection with the advertising and publicity of Photo review. The name of the photographer will as far as possible always appear.
  • FotoMarathon’s sponsors are free to publish the prize-winning images for non-commercial purposes. This will often involve websites, social media, exhibitions, staff magazines, etc. The photographer’s name and copyright will always be stated.

Transfer of photos to third party

  • FotoMarathon’s photo archive contains images from the more than 30 years of FotoMarathon. These images explain a great deal about life in Copenhagen, Aalborg and Odense, which may be of interest to local archives, researchers, etc. Your images can therefore be transferred to historians, researchers, museums, etc. if they want access to the extensive image archive.
  • The images will not be transferred to commercial players.

The participant’s are responsible for

  • The participant is responsible for informing the correct name, email and telephone No. When registering. If no correct information has been provided, any prizes may be lost. FotoMarathon and FotoMarathon’s’ sponsors cannot be held accountable for this.
  • The participant must choose a secure password, which must be used when the competition ends and the images must be uploaded.
  • The participant is responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient Internet connection during the competition. The reception of topics, completion and support takes place online.
  • The participant must comply with the applicable legislation in the country in which the participant completes the Photomarathon.

Fotomarathon is responsible for

  • FotoMarathoncannot be held responsible for the correctness of the information provided by the participant when registering.
  • FotoMarathon cannot be held responsible for damaged files, memory cards, camera or smartphone errors, failing Internet connection, crashes on the mobile network, lack of power, illness, etc.
  • FotoMarathon cannot provide support if the participants ‘ equipment fails.


  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Reservations are made regarding typographical errors, as well as error deliveries from sponsors and other events that the FotoMarathon does not affect.

Reservations for changes

As new techniques and functions for digital cameras are being developed all the time, FotoMarathon reserves the right to adjust the rules on an ongoing basis.


If FotoMarathon is completely or partially cancelled, neither the FotoMarathon nor the FotoMarathons sponsors can be held accountable for any losses you may suffer from this.

Images, personal data legislation, GDPR and FotoMarathon

Legislation concerning photography

You must comply with national legislation regarding photography. You should be aware of where you can photograph and who you are allowed to photograph. It will always be an advantage to get your model’s written consent for photography and publication.

Legislation concerning the publication of images

A picture with identifiable persons or information that can identify persons is covered by the personal data legislation. Danish Data Protection Agency has prepared guidelines on the publication of images on the Internet and social networks. Some images can easily be published, others cannot. Read the instructions here https://www.datatilsynet.dk/emner/internet-og-apps/.

How does Photomarathon relate to the assessment?

Legislation on photography and publication of images is not included in the assessment. In other words, you will participate in the Photomarathon and can win, regardless of whether your photos are legal to publish or not.

How does Photomarathon relate to publication?

  • Before publication of the images, FotoMarathon is considering whether the personal data legislation or other legislation has been complied with.
  • It is FotoMarathon that sovereign decides whether the legislation has been complied with.
  • If there are images which the FotoMarathon does not believe comply with current legislation, FotoMarathon has the right to blur faces and other personally identifiable images or remove images from the website, exhibitions, etc.
  • FotoMarathon has produced an article on the publication of images and personal data legislation, with examples of how FotoMarathon will relate to images that do not comply with the law. See it here https://www.fotomarathon.dk/2018/maa-dine-billeder-offentliggoeres/