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PhotoMarathons Privacy Policy

PhotoMarathon’s privacy policy is under review. Last Updated Jun 17, 2018 17:30 PM EDT

Registration for competitions

When you register for a contest organized by FotoMarathon, we collect information about you that is necessary to hold the competition. This is information such as Name, Email, and Phone Number. In addition, we may collect information about age and the like.
When you register, you will be assigned a Participant No. which is used to identify you during the competition and when the judges judge the competition.
Information is stored on FotoMarathon’s server and printed on participant lists for use during the competition, judges’ assessment of the competition and for the awarding of prizes.
The information is stored until the competition is over and the prizes are handed out. Then, all information except Participant No. and Name used in connection with the gallery.
In connection with the sending of prizes, you will be contacted by phone or email to provide the address to which we will send your prize. This information (Participant Number, Name, Address, Phone Number and Email) will be provided to the sponsor who is responsible for sending the prize to you. The sponsor may only use your information to send your prize to you and for no other purpose.

Special events during competitions

When registering for special events during the competitions, all personal data that you have provided yourself will be passed on to the sponsor. This is information such as Name, Email and Phone Number, Address, Age and Participant Number. This could be through the lending of lenses during the PhotoMarathon competition. The participant will be informed accordingly and must accept the conditions for participating in the special event.

Contact photo marathon via the home-time email form

When you contact PhotoMarathon via the email form on this website, we save your name, email and message. This information is used solely to respond to your inquiry. Your email, and thus all information, will be deleted within one year of the end of the mail correspondence.


If you are registered with FotoMarathon’s Newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time. For information on how, see the bottom of your newsletter.


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What is a cookie

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How long are cookies stored
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