About FotoMarathon

Topic No 103 3: Smart (smart) - Photographers: Malene Nelting Jepsen &Ditte Papendick Nielsen
Photographers: Malene Nelting Jepsen &Ditte Papendick Nielsen


FotoMarathon is a fun and challenging photo contest. The competition is about interpreting a new topic every hour by taking a picture – that is, at the end of the competition you deliver one picture for each hour you have participated.

FotoMarathon is for those who like to photograph, and you don't have to be professional to join in – everyone can join in! We encourage you to invite family and friends along so that together you can have a good experience, because it usually is some really fun and cozy hours.

The first Photo Marathon took place in Spain in 1985, in 1987 there was a Photo Marathon in New York and in 1988 in Stockholm. In August 1989, the first FotoMarathon was held in Denmark (Copenhagen) and since then we have held the Photo Marathon every year. Read more about FotoMarathons history at www.photomarathon.com.